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Red Sea Reefer Dual Return Pipe Nozzle


Custom designed return pipe with dual outputs for the Red Sea Reefer range of fish tanks. This much needed modification replaces the stock return pipe, improving flow patterns and eliminating sand storms. Each dual return nozzle is 3D printed in PLA+ ensuring strength, durability and longevity.

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First of all being a reef keeper and Red Sea Reefer tank owner I experienced in tank problems with the standard return pipe. I produced this custom Red Sea Reefer dual return pipe to solve issues with the stock return pipe. My 3D printed dual return pipe nozzle for the Red Sea Reefer Series of tanks allows you to split the return flow from the standard stock pipe providing more random flow within the tank for better health of the ecosystem. Key benefits are running higher flow rates through this split pipe replacement part and stopping your sand bed from being blown around in the tank.

The Red Sea Reefer dual return pipe is suitable for all tanks in the Reefer range, including the Red Sea Reefer Nano / 170 / 250 / 350 / 450 / XL 425 / XL 525 / XXL 625 / XXL 750 / Peninsula 500 / Peninsula 650.

Hence installation is simple just remove the stock Red Sea Reefer inner return pipe, this just pulls out. Then just slide this into the stock return pipe.

As a result my 3D printed return nozzle is the strongest available and totally reef safe. Due to printing using PLA+ each part is several times tougher than PLA or PETG. First of all each part is annealed, annealing plastic involves gently reheating the substance to a point above its glass transition temperature, but below its melting temperature, and then slowly allowing it to cool. So like the annealing of metal, this reheating and cooling increases the amount of crystalline structures in the plastic. Both of these things in turn, makes the plastic stronger stiffer and resistant to the stresses that cause failure.


    Suitable for all Red Sea Reefer Tanks
    Reef Safe Plastic
    Improved Return Flow Patterns
    Run Higher Return Flow Rates
    No Shading of Corals
    No More Sand Storms
    3D Printed Using PLA+
    Every Part Annealed
    British Designed & Manufactured
Weight 8 g
Dimensions 5.3 × 2.4 × 5.7 cm



PLA Plus+

  1. Ryan Newton

    Having been told about this upgrade on the Red Sea Reefer Facebook group, I had a few questions as after watching a YouTube video which showed a similar looking but different makers return pipe the video showed the part was very weak. Nat explained the heating process he uses produces really strong parts, he also let me know if at anytime I broke my adapter during normal use he would replace it for just the cost of postage, he also said his design was so strong he could not break it with his bare hands. I took this as a challenge and when mine arrived he was indeed right, try as I might this return nozzle is very very solid and well made. So it’s a five star review from me for a great improvement to my RSR tank return pipe and actually living up to the makers claims. Good work!

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