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Bitmain Antminer S9 D3 A3 V9 E3 X3 L3 Z9 120mm Fan Duct Cooling Shroud 4 Inch / 100mm Vent


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3D printed in premium PLA+ each cooling shroud adapter is heat resistant, amazingly strong and durable. Perfect for lowering the temperatures of your miners.

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Perfect for keeping temperatures low, improving mining efficiency and increasing longevity of your miner. Designed to fit the standard 120mm fans using your original screws this will allow you to reduce heat and noise in the room your miners are located. The shroud pipe adapter allows your Antminer to easily exhaust heat out of the room using standard 4 inch (100mm) ducting. A cool miners equals better hash rates. The shroud adapter can be used with any standard 120mm fan. This vent adapter has a lip on hose connection side, allowing for a safe and secure fitting of the vent ducting hose which can then be tie wrapped in place and will not slip or slide off the shroud.

My 3D printed vent shrouds are the strongest available, printed using PLA+ this is several times tougher than PLA and PETG. Then each part is annealed, annealing plastic involves gently reheating the substance to a point above its glass transition temperature, but below its melting temperature, and then slowly allowing it to cool. Like the annealing of metal, this reheating and cooling increases the amount of crystalline structures in the plastic. Both of these things, in turn, makes the plastic stronger, stiffer and more resistant to the stresses that cause failure.



    • Suitable for Bitmain Antminer A3 D3 E3 L3+ L3++ S1 S3 S5 S7 S9 S9i T9 T9+ V9 X3 Z9
      Includes Free Black Tie Wrap
      Antminer Fan 4 inch (100mm) Vent Hose Adapter
      Improved Airflow & Cooling
      3D Printed Using PLA+
      Every Part Annealed
      UK Made
  • Weight 68 g
    Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5.4 cm



    PLA Plus+

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